Group therapy

There are many forms of therapy that are conducted. One of which is group therapy. This is a setup where one or more therapists facilitate a group of individuals, who may have similar or different varied issues.

What does it entail?
• Group therapy usually requires a number of between 6-12 individuals. However, some groups may have larger numbers than this.
• A group can either be closed (where members all join at the same time) or open (where members can join as the group is ongoing)
• Group therapy can either be short term ( between 6-12 weeks) or long term (14 weeks upwards) depending on the nature and the needs of the individuals therein

Pros of group therapy
• Members get to support one another during the therapeutic process
• One may get different perspectives from the different experiences shared
• Members get to see that they are not on their own
• Individuals may form long lasting bonds from these groups
Cons of group therapy
• Negative behavior can be reinforced especially if other members agree and validate an individual
• Members may not open up freely for fear of judgment
• If the group is large some members may be sidelined especially by the more outspoken and active members

So, why group therapy?
Group therapy offers a space for one to be with individuals with similar circumstances. This gives room for warmth and support for the members. In addition, support and guidance is given by professionals who facilitate the sessions.
The sessions may also be subsidized in comparison to individual sessions.
However, this doesn’t rule out the need for personal individualized therapy.

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