Welcome to J.U.N.E:

J udge less, Love more.
Judge yourself less and your surroundings too because you can only respond to situations as they are. Not as they should be or as your want them to be.
Love means acceptance and without it you become frustrated, angry, afraid, confused and stuck.

U nderstand self.
Seek to see yourself as you really are. Seek to understand your limits, triggers, fears, joys, love language, pleasure, past and hopes. That’s a lot. But you have the rest of your life life do this. Seek to create an adventure of understanding yourself.

N ew Perspective.
Sometimes we need a new perspective to deal with our situations. Therapy really helps with that. What situation or relationship or decision are you at now that needs a new perspective?

E nergy to Enter a New Month.
The beginning of the week/month/day is always filled with so much hope, potential and energy. This is such a good time to set realistic goals and tackle one’s that you’ve had pending. The “newness” of the month may last a little while, but take advantage of it!!! Your future you will thank you!

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