Why Therapy?

  (This is a continuation from last week's post. Click here to read that post.) Matt looked at from another perspective: his problem is distressing him and impairing his daily activities. Sometimes, thoughts of committing suicide have entered his mind due to the difficulties the problem has caused him. Indeed, his friends have noticed his … Continue reading Why Therapy?

The First Time

Shida was a nervous wreck. She arrived at the therapist’s clinic and made up her mind that she cannot go through this and turned away towards the exit of the therapist’s office. As she disappeared down the stairs, she heard a warm friendly voice, “Shida, welcome to Wemapsych!”  The lady calling was dressed in warm … Continue reading The First Time

Welcome To Insight!

Who cometh thither? 🙂 Greetings!  My name is Dr. Winnie Waiyaki. I am a Clinical Psychologist.  My training enables me to work with people with emotional, behavioural and mental issues. These range from short-term, relatively minor personal issues to those who have major issues of disturbance, including those who require institutionalization.  Accordingly, my line of work … Continue reading Welcome To Insight!